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Yoga Studio


Discover the perfect space to move and share your passion for yoga. Hire a room for your required duration at The Arkwright Centre.


Restore a sense of calm at The Arkwright Centre

Yoga is a brilliant way to release built-up tension, breathe and re-connect with the body, mind and soul. Through the power of movement, breathing techniques and various postures, yoga can be extremely effective for the health and wellbeing of all who practice it. One important aspect of practising is quiet, and The Arkwright Centre can provide a space that's cut off from the world to help groups immerse themselves into these wonderful sessions. 

Young people doing yoga indoors
Yoga Lunge

A team that appreciates the importance of your sessions

When sessions held at The Arkwright Centre are successful, our reputation as an excellent venue increases. With this in mind, we ensure our rooms are clean, comfortable and easy to access, to promote the growth of your client base and returning customers. Work with us to create a space that works for your sessions and your customers.

Young women doing yoga

Design your yoga room

For flexible, tailored hiring options, contact our team

However frequent your sessions, reach our team to discuss your hire terms and look forward to your first session.

01246 204884

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