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Helping you create the perfect send-off for your loved one. Decide on a room for hire with The Arkwright Centre.


Compassionate services from a team you can trust

Losing someone close to you is never easy. During an extremely overwhelming time, the helpful team at The Arkwright Centre will work to offer support in the form of venue hire for your service. Whilst accommodating your budget and taking care of the specifics, we want to help you create a funeral that reflects the person that has passed in the most sympathetic and respectful ways. Whether this is with your choice of flowers and music or a unique way you'd wish to discuss with our team, we'll ensure their wants and wishes are followed in our after-funeral service.

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Helping you celebrate the life of those that have passed

Not everyone wishes to have a traditional funeral. Many individuals are looking to other forms of commemoration, such as celebrations of life. These charming memorials not only remember the good times but put enthesis on those attributes that made your loved one truly them. We'll work to incorporate any unique features into the day and help you focus on the good times with those that matter most.

Let us help you say goodbye to a loved one

We can help with the organising of the Wake to give you one less thing to worry about at such an emotional time

We have various options available for your food. Please choose from the menus attached

Room hire includes a fully staffed bar, room to be set up and cleared away.

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Comfort and professional support

Celebrate their wonderful life at The Arkwright Centre

If you would like more information about our funeral venue and our various hire options, feel free to use the number below to get in touch.

01246 204884

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